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                  Construction Engineering Drilling Rig

                  Construction Engineering Drilling Rig

                  Applications of Drill Rigs
                  1. The engineering drilling rigs are extensively used for hydropower project, large-tonnage pre-stressed anchor bolt supporting holes and drainage holes construction of railway and road slope.
                  2. Our drilling equipment is also suitable for management of geological disaster and controlling building displacement as well as other rock mass anchor engineering.
                  3. The drill rigs are applied to deep foundation support, ground reinforcement, blast hole of the blasting engineering and the high-pressure jet grouting.

                  Features of Engineering Drilling Rig
                  1. This drilling equipment is configured with variable hydraulic system, imported variable pump and proportional valve, having reliable quality, superior performance, long using life and good operation.
                  2. Our drill rigs with stable performance and high efficiency have the abilities to drill complex formation and deal with accidents.
                  3. The engineering drilling rig has the advantages of high drilling efficiency and precision, powerful torque and wide range of speed.
                  4. Oil cylinders of the drill rigs can raise or pull down the tower safely and quickly, move and fit the hole position conveniently.
                  5. After moving this drilling equipment, the drill bit with two meters diameter can be directly lifted or run in.

                  The engineering drilling rig integrates the turn plates, power heads and the main shaft drills. This drilling equipment can drill in the ways of forcing feed or reducing bit load by hydraulic system. Our engineering drill rigs include D series anchor drilling rig, G series anchor drill rig, E series anchor drilling rig and slope anchor drilling rig.

                  After-sale Service for Engineering Drilling Rig
                  1. During the warranty period, due to the product quality problem, we will supply free maintenance service for the domestic clients. The host machine enjoys a whole life after-sale service. The services after the warranty should collect specified fees by our company.
                  2. At abroad, within the guarantee period, we will provide warranty service for the accessories for free because of the quality problem of the drill rigs. But we will charge the transportation expenses, room and board fees of the service staff.

                  Delivery Date of our Drilling Equipment
                  1. The domestic delivery time is about 10 days. We will deliver the engineering drilling rig within 5 working days after we receive the full amount. (Excluding custom made machine)
                  2. The overseas delivery date is 45 days. After the prepayment is arrived, we will arrange the drill rigs and inform the customers. We will send out the drilling equipment within 5 working days after the full amount is credited into our account. (Excluding custom made machine)

                  As a professional drilling equipment manufacturer and supplier, we have anchor drilling rig, jet grouting drill rigs, engineering drilling rig, multifunctional drilling rigs, tunnel drilling rig and water well drill rig for sale. We have received the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, and in 2012 passed the GJB9001B-2009 certification. Our engineering drilling rigs have been exported to Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Iran, Britain, Canada, Nigeria and other countries and regions.



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