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                  Low Pipe Jet Grouting Drilling Rig
                  SJ-25 Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                  SJ-25 Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                    Description:   SJ-25 is our new strengthened type jet-grouting drilling rig, which is developed by our R&D department on the basis of SJ-20 jet-grouting drilling rig. Main Characters: 1. With its double motor drive, it has stronger torque that can achieve 3500N.m at best. 2. It can w....

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                  SJ-20 Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                  SJ-20 Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                  Description  Main characters: 1. Small working space needed: When the construction height is about 3meters, the effective length of drill rod can achieve 1.5 meters. Through adjusting the height of the machine, it is available to work in indoor space. And it is very convenient to move or remov....

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                  Low Pipe Jet Grouting Drilling Rig

                  This grouting pipe drill equipment is a kind of drilling tool. It is used for conveying slurry, compressed air and water, etc. Under the working condition of high pressure, the grout drilling machine can guarantee continuous dynamic property and static property.
                  It is widely applied to railway, highway, building, water conservancy, electric power, etc. It is mainly used for reinforcing foundation, seepage-proofing, water-proofing, maintaining existed load bearing.
                  The grouting pipe drill equipment covers SJ-20 (Standard Model) jet grouting drilling rig, SJ-20A (Enhanced Type) jet grouting drilling rig and SJ-20B jet grouting drilling rig.

                  1. To domestic customers, our company can meet their requirements and equip with a complete set of grouting pipe equipment. We can also provide some training to them, demonstrating how to drill a hole.
                  2. The grouting pipe drill equipment is applicable to a wide range of strata. According to different strata, we can offer corresponding equipment. The biggest output torque can reach 3600N.m, and pulling force 60kN. When drilling a hole, we can use such ways: carbide bit rotary drilling, DTH hammer bit drilling, cone bit drilling, etc.
                  3. This grouting machine can work in a small space. With max width 840mm, and length 2800mm, the drilling equipment can work in doors. As for bulk drilling machine, the max weight is 300kg, so it is very convenient to move and displace.
                  4. The grouting pipe drill equipment is not only for jet grouting, but also for anchoring.
                  5. The grout drilling machine is convenient to operate and maintain, owing to adopting full hydraulic technology and adding stepless speed regulation.
                  6. It has many kinds of auxiliary equipment. Customers can choose different modules by themselves according to different needs. Customers can buy modules once, or buy later in line with the development of construction, such as: single module, double module, triple module, swing grouting module, directional jet grouting module, anchoring module, etc.
                  7. Customers can group different modules together, in order to get advanced machinery.
                  8. The drilling tools are complete to satisfy customers' needs, such as single, double, triple, directional jet grouting, swing grouting drilling machines.

                  1. Compared with similar grouting pipe drill equipment, the products adopt crawler chassis and are equipped with the big power reducer to make walk more powerful. Wider crawler belt can prevent ground subsidence.
                  2. The grout drilling machine introduces high level NS7 hydraulic system and has a good cooling device. Key hydraulic parts employ products of well-known brands abroad.
                  3. Our company has independent research and development team, so the grouting pipe drill equipment are independently designed and developed. There are a lot of market research engineers, thus we have high efficiency and reliable effect in product design and improvement.

                  After-sale Service and Delivery of Grouting Pipe Drill Equipment
                  1. In addition to easily damaged parts, the warranty period is half a year for main engine. If caused by quality problem, domestic customers will be provided free service within the guarantee period. The main engine of grouting pipe drill equipment enjoys life-long after-sales service, and other service out of guarantee period will charge a service fee stipulated by our company.
                  Spare parts service will be free in the warranty period for abroad customers. And we will charge service personnel transportation and accommodation fee. The service out of the guarantee period is charged in accordance with the company's foreign standards of service.
                  2. Domestic delivery time of our company's grout drilling machine is about ten days. After the advance payment to the account, we arrange products and inform the client when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after receiving your full payment. (Except customized models)
                  Overseas delivery time of grouting pipe drill equipment is 45 days. After the advance payment to the account, we place the order to arrange the product. The production cycle is about 45 days, and we will inform the client when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after receiving your full payment. (Except customized models)

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