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                  Hydraulic Drilling Rig
                  Anchor Drilling Rig

                  Anchor Drilling Rig

                  Anchor drilling rig, in some places, is also known as anchor rod drilling machine. This hydraulic anchor drill machine is a kind of necessary engineering machinery in infrastructural project. It is a drilling tool in coal mine roadway for supporting anchor ....

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                  Jet Grouting Drilling Rigs

                  Jet Grouting Drilling Rigs

                  Jet grouting drilling rig, also known as rotary spray rig, is a kind of drilling tool which can guarantee continuous dynamic property and static property under the condition of high pressure of work. It is used for conveying slurry, compressed air and water....

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                  Hydraulic Drilling Rig
                  Hydraulic drilling rig is a self-propelled drilling machine of high hydraulic efficiency. This drill rig is composed of mainframe, hydraulic station and work station. They are mutually connected by super high pressure hose to achieve hose mobility. And this hydraulic system is widely used in domestic water conservancy project and mining and is a kind of necessary engineering machinery in infrastructural project.

                  This hydraulic drilling rig is mainly applied to high-speed railway, urban subway, tunnel, cellar of high-storey building, retrofit projects of water conservancy construction, etc. And this drill rig is often applied to the projects of deep foundation pit supporting, slope supporting, anti-floating anchor rod, anchor supporting construction, geothermal construction, water well construction, foundation reinforcement, water-stop heavy curtain, seepage prevention and other projects.

                  1. Compared with similar hydraulic drilling rigs, our products adopt crawler chassis and are equipped with the big power reducer to make walk more powerful. Wider crawler belt prevent the ground subsidence.
                  2. The drill rig introduces high level NS7 hydraulic system and has a good cooling device. Key hydraulic parts employ products of well-known brands abroad.
                  3. Our company has independent research and development team, so the products are independently designed and developed. There are a lot of market research engineers, thus we have high efficiency and reliable effect in product design and improvement.

                  1) Reliable Performance
                  Due to the standard of purchasing the critical auxiliary equipment, the diesel engine, the hydraulic pump, the main valves, the motors, crawler reducers and key hydraulic spare parts are all adopted famous brand products at home and abroad.
                  2) High efficiency
                  With big torque, high power unit allocation and with reasonable structure design and advanced operation method, all these guarantee the hydraulic drilling rig's high operation and performance efficiency.
                  3) Environmental Protection
                  Basing on lower pollution discharge of diesel engine, professional noise reducing design, the drill rig is suitable for urban operation and performance.
                  4) Energy Saving
                  Adopting the advanced load sensitive control technique, the hydraulic drilling rig has reduced the power consumption and heat generation to the lowest level.

                  Hydraulic drilling rig includes anchor drilling rig and jet grouting drilling rig.
                  1) Anchor Drilling Rig
                  Anchor drilling rig, in some places, is also known as anchor rod drilling machine. This product is a kind of necessary engineering machinery in infrastructural project. It is a drilling tool in coal mine roadway for supporting anchor rod. This drill rig includes crawler anchor drilling rig and top driven anchor drilling rig.
                  2) Jet Grouting Drilling Rig
                  This China's drill rig, also known as rotary spray tool, is used for conveying slurry, compressed air and water, etc. It is a drilling tool which can guarantee the continuous dynamic tightness and static tightness under the condition of high pressure of work. This drill rig includes low pipe jet grouting drilling rig, crawler jet grouting drilling rig and high jet grouting drilling rig.

                  The project checked regularly
                  1. The drill main structure, the structure connection bolt, structure connection pin shaft, the structure of welding joint, the suspended platform and the safety status should be checked. Especially, the hydraulic drilling rig's security should be tested by qualified unit before utilization. Then it can make into use after qualification.
                  2. All kinds of power head, oil cylinder, and the condition of drill pipe should be checked regularly.
                  3. The winch drum and wire rope off device, both sides of the edge height, volume wall condition, circles of tail rope on the drum should be checked. The braking mouth should be especially inspected as the key project at any time.
                  4. The electrical system should be checked.
                  The project checked at any time
                  1. The consolidation of wire rope should be checked.
                  2. The pulley system should be checked at any time, and the main inspection items are: pulley body condition and transition pulley rope device.
                  3. The walking system should be checked at any time, and the main inspection items are: pile machine go pipe, card board, the hook system status, sleeper laying, etc;
                  4. Check whether the hydraulic drilling rig is normal in each action pressure of hydraulic system.

                  After-sale Service and Delivery of Hydraulic Drilling Rig
                  1. The warranty period is half a year for main engine in addition to easily damaged parts. If caused by quality problem, domestic customers will be provided free service within the guarantee period. The main engine enjoys life-long after-sales service, and other service out of guarantee period will charge a service fee stipulated by our company.
                  Abroad customers in the warranty period will be provided free spare parts service. And we will charge service personnel transportation and accommodation fee. The service out of the guarantee period is charged in accordance with the company's foreign standards of service.
                  2. Domestic delivery of our hydraulic drilling rig is about ten days. After the advance payment to the account, we arrange products and inform the client when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after receiving your full payment. (Except customized models)
                  Overseas delivery time of our hydraulic drilling rig is 45 days. After the advance payment to the account, we place the order to arrange the product. The production cycle is about 45 days, and we will inform the client when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after receiving your full payment. (Except customized models)

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