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                  Anchor Drilling Rig
                  Crawler Anchor Drilling Rig

                  Crawler Anchor Drilling Rig

                  crawler anchor drilling rig can be rotated 180°and is crawler walking. This crawler drilling machine is powered by the engine and the power converter, and is suitable for working under harsh conditions. This product drilling angle is between 0°and 90°, and ....

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                  Top Driven Anchor Drilling Rig

                  Top Driven Anchor Drilling Rig

                  The top driven anchor drilling rig adopts imported Germany-made top driven power head, so it can drill in an impact rotary way. And it has big power and good performance. This top drive drill equipment also adopts variable hydraulic system, imported variabl....

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                  Slope Anchor Drilling Rig

                  Slope Anchor Drilling Rig

                  This anchor engineering drilling rig is especially designed to be used on steep slopes and embankments. This allows drilling to be carried out with low machine weights and in difficult and dangerous on-site conditions. The slope drill rig adopts our latest....

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                  Anchor Drilling Rig

                  Anchor drilling rig, in some places, is also known as anchor rod drilling machine. This hydraulic anchor drill machine is a kind of necessary engineering machinery in infrastructural project. It is a drilling tool in coal mine roadway for supporting anchor rod. It has outstanding advantages, such as improving supporting effect, reducing the cost, speeding up the lane, lessening auxiliary traffic, decreasing labor intensity, increasing the utilization rate of roadway section. Anchor drilling rig is the key equipment to rock bolting. It influences the quality of bolt support, such as the orientation of the bolt hole, the depth accuracy, the diameter and anchor installation quality. It also affects the personal safety of the operator, labor intensity, work conditions, etc.

                  This anchor drilling rig is mainly applied to high-speed railway, urban subway, tunnel, cellar of high-storey building, retrofit projects of water conservancy construction, etc. And it is often applied to the projects of deep foundation pit supporting, slope supporting, anti-floating anchor rod, anchor supporting construction, geothermal construction, water well construction, foundation reinforcement, water-stop heavy curtain, seepage prevention and other projects.

                  1. This kind of anchor drilling rig has good performance. Its compact structure, small volume, light weight and flexibility are suitable for working on the high slope and the scaffold.
                  2. Due to the larger output torque of hydraulic power head and strong drilling ability, the hydraulic anchor drill machine is used widely. Its power head output speed is stepless speed regulation, so it can choose its own drilling parameters according to the requirements of the different construction and geological conditions to achieve the best drilling efficiency.
                  3. Compared with similar anchor drilling rigs, the products adopt crawler chassis and are equipped with the big power reducer to make walk more powerful. Wider crawler belt prevent the ground subsidence.
                  4. The product introduces high level NS7 hydraulic system and has a good cooling device. Key hydraulic parts employ products of well-known brands abroad.
                  5. Our company has independent research and development team, so the products are independently designed and developed. There are a lot of market research engineers, thus we have high efficiency and reliable effect in product design and improvement.

                  Anchor drilling rig is divided into crawler anchor drilling equipment, slope anchor drilling equipment, top-drive anchor drilling equipment (rotary). When designing crawler anchor drilling equipment, we take each function module interface into full consideration. We can enhance the utilization rate of customers' purchasing equipment by telling them to add some modules. In thus way can users change the using performance, making the anchor drilling rig become another effective special one or multi-functional one.

                  After-sale Service
                  1. In addition to easily damaged parts, the warranty period is half a year for main engine. Domestic customers will be provided free service within the guarantee period if caused by quality problem. The main engine of the anchor drilling rig enjoys life-long after-sales service, and other service out of guarantee period will charge a service fee stipulated by our company.
                  Abroad customers in the warranty period will be provided free spare parts service. But we will charge service personnel transportation and accommodation fee. The service out of the guarantee period is charged in accordance with the company's foreign standards of service.
                  2. Domestic delivery time of our company's anchor drilling rig is about ten days. After the advance payment to the account, we arrange products and inform the client when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after receiving your full payment. (Except customized models)
                  Overseas delivery time of hydraulic anchor drill machine is 45 days. After the advance payment to the account, we place the order to arrange the product. The production cycle is about 45 days, and we will inform the client when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after receiving your full payment. (Except customized models)

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