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                  Crawler Jet Grouting Drilling Rig
                  SJL-20A Jet Grouting Drilling Rig

                  SJL-20A Jet Grouting Drilling Rig

                  Description:    Under high stressed working conditions, this 20A high pressure drill machinery can guarantee continuous dynamic property and static property. Its drilling depth is 30-60m. This jet grout drill equipment is used for conveying slurry, compressed air and water. It is applied to....

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                  SJL-25 Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                  SJL-25 Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                  Description:  SJL-25 is enhanced type Jet Grouting Drilling Rig developed by Wuxi Anmai on the basis of SJ-20 rilling Rig   Main Characters: 1. With its double motor drive, it has stronger torque that can achieve 3500N.m at best. 2. It can work on various kind of stratum layer. 3. It can re....

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                  Crawler Jet Grouting Drilling Rig

                  This crawler jet grouting drilling machine is applicable to high pressure rotation and anchoring construction. The crawler drill machine has been widely used in railway, highway, building, water conservation, electric power, etc. And it was mainly used in reinforcing foundation, seepage proofing, water plugging and maintaining existed bearing pile.
                  This crawler jet grouting drilling rig includes XPL-20A crawler jet grouting drilling machine and XPL-20B crawler jet grouting drilling machine.

                  1. This drill machine is applicable to a wide range of strata.
                  2. The crawler drill machine can not be only used for rotary jet grouting, but also used for anchoring.
                  3. Equipped with crawler chassis and support oil cylinder, the crawler jet grouting drilling rig is easy to displace and position. It is stable and reliable when drilling.
                  4. By adopting full hydraulic technology, the crawler drill machine is convenient to operate and maintain.
                  5. Be offered various auxiliary equipments, customers can choose suitable module to meet the needs of different construction.

                  1. Compared with other crawler jet grouting drilling rigs, this crawler drill machine's walk is so powerful by adopting crawler chassis and big power reducer.
                  2. The crawler is wider and can effectively prevent ground subsidence.
                  3. The hydraulic system introduces high standard NS7 and has a good cooling device. Key hydraulic parts adopt foreign brand products.
                  4. Our company possesses independent research and development group, and also has quantity of market research talents. Our products are designed and developed by ourselves, and have high-efficient and reliable effect in design and development.

                  After-sale and Delivery of Crawler Jet Grouting Drilling Rig
                  1. In addition to quick-wear parts of the crawler drill machine, the warranty period of the main engine is six months. Within the warranty period, domestic customers will be provided with free service caused by quality problem. The service out of warranty period will be charged by our company. The main engine enjoys lifelong after sale service.
                  In the warranty period, we will provide free service of auxiliary parts for overseas customers. And we will charge personnel transportation fee, board and lodging expenses. The service out of warranty period will be charged by company's overseas service standard.
                  2. The domestic delivery of crawler jet grouting drilling rig is about 10 days. After receiving advanced payment, we will arrange and inform clients when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after your full payment to our account.
                  The overseas delivery of this crawler drill machine is 45 days. When the advanced payment is credited to account, our company arranges the products. The production circle is about 45 days. Clients will be informed when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 days after receiving your full payment.

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