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                  Jet Grouting Drilling Rigs
                  SJW-60A High Pressure Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                  SJW-60A High Pressure Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                    Description:   This SJW-60A high pressure jet grouting drilling rig is designed by Wux Anmai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd on the basis of SJW-60. It has more fuctions and better designment. Applications 1. weak ground construction              2. waterproof curtain Main characters: 1. ....

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                  SJW-60 High Pressure Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                  SJW-60 High Pressure Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig

                    Description:   This SJW-60 high pressure jet grouting drilling rig is designed by Wux Anmai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd on the basis of SJW-60. It has more fuctions and better designment. Applications 1. weak ground construction              2. waterproof curtain Main characters: 1. A....

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                  Jet Grouting Drilling Rigs

                  Features of Drilling Equipment
                  1. With hydraulic walking-frame chassis, this jet grouting drilling rig owns flexible vertical and horizontal movement.
                  2. The length of the elevated jet tube can reach 15 meters, having strong quality assurance and low labor intensity.
                  3. This jet grouting drilling rig can either swing or rotate, suit to all kinds of jet grouting operations.
                  4. This drilling equipment has a reliable performance of applicability to collate different modules and different drills, which may acquire a better function and device compare with its price in accordance with the practical demands.
                  5. This drilling machine also can deal with different jet-grouting process through applying new type module.
                  6. Adopting a full hydraulic technology, this jet grouting drilling rig has the advantages of convenient and flexible operation, time saving and labor saving in maintenance.
                  7. Compared with the similar drilling equipment, this machine is equipped with wider crawler belt which can effectively prevent ground subsidence.
                  8. The hydraulic system adopts high standard NS7 grade, with good cooling device. Key hydraulic parts adopt foreign famous brands.

                  Application of Drilling Equipment
                  1. The jet grouting drilling rig can be used for soft base ground reinforcement construction, permeability-reducing procedure of high-rise building basement, repairing of river bank and pier reinforcement of road and railway.
                  2. Generally, the drilling equipment serves for high-pressure jet grouting and rotary spray lance of dual tube and triple-tube. It has higher efficiency when used for rotary jet grouting of single pipe.
                  3. This jet grouting drilling rig is suitable for impermeable high jet operations because of the continuous lifting of the trolley tower height.

                  Founded in July 6, 2003, Wuxi Anman Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in research, manufacture and sales of jet grouting drilling rig. The drilling equipment includes XP-30 jet grouting drill rig, MXL-160A1 multifunctional crawler drilling rig and MDL-120D3 anchor drilling rig.
                  Our company has independent R&D team that can design and develop drilling rigs based on our own technology. There are a lot of market research engineers engaged in product design and improvement.

                  After-sale Service for Drilling Equipment
                  1. Except quick-wear parts, the jet grouting drilling rig will have a six-month warranty period. During the warranty period, we will supply free maintenance for the equipment due to quality problem.
                  2. The host machine enjoys a whole life after-sale service. The services after the warranty will charge specified fees.
                  3. For overseas clients, within the warranty period, due to product quality problem, we will offer free maintenance service. But the clients may undertake the transportation expenses, room and board fees of the service personnel. The services after the guarantee period will be paid in accordance with external service standards of company.
                  4. The domestic delivery time is about 10 days. After the advance payment is received, we will inform the customers until the jet grouting drilling rig is ready. We will deliver this drilling equipment within 5 working days after we receive the full amount. (Excluding custom made machine)

                  As a professional drilling equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer jet grouting drilling rig, anchor drilling rig, hydraulic drill rig, pump tuck, mud pump, anchor drilling tools and other auxiliary drilling machines. We have received the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, and in 2012 passed the GJB9001B-2009 certification. Till now, our products like jet grouting drilling rigs have been exported to Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Iran, Britain, Canada, Nigeria and other countries and regions.

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