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                  Optional Auxiliary Tools
                  Hand Crane

                  Hand Crane

                   Description:  Hand lift (hand crane) is a kind of loading machine. It consists of hoisting mechanism, running gear, jib lubing mechanism, swing mechanism and metal construction. It can be adopted to load or unload heavy goods in all flowing sites. And this can reduce manual working. With the h....

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                  Optional Auxiliary Tools
                  Hand lift (hand crane) is a kind of loading machine. It consists of hoisting mechanism, running gear, jib lubing mechanism, swing mechanism and metal construction. It can be adopted to load or unload heavy goods in all flowing sites. And this can reduce manual working. With the help of hand crane (hand lift), clients can lift heavy equipments or devices easily and efficiently.


                  It has a simple structure and is characterized by high safety and good reliability. After a field test, it is easy for one worker to operate such hand lift and the only one worker can efficiently dismounting casing pipes and drilling rods. It is not easy to damage the drilling tools with this hand crane.

                  Maintenance of Hand Crane
                  1. The users should check and maintain hand lift regularly.
                  2. Regular checking systems like daily inspection, weekly check and monthly check are made.
                  3. If something abnormal happens, users should deal with it timely so as to guarantee the safety.

                  Established in June, 2003, Wuxi Anman Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of engineering machinery in China. We are specialized in MD series anchor drilling rigs, MDL series anchor drilling tools, XP series jet grouting drilling machines and other series of drilling machinery and accessories like hand crane, hand lift and more. For detailed information, please contact us directly.

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