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                  E Series Anchor Drilling Rig
                  MXL-120E Crawler Anchor Drilling Rig

                  MXL-120E Crawler Anchor Drilling Rig

                  Description:    This 120E crawler anchor drill rig is of full hydraulic gyrator type. Its drilling diameter is 150-250mm, and drilling depth 100-140m. It is a kind of high-efficient diesel drilling equipment, mainly applied to urban subway, high-rise buildings, airport, ground source heat p....

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                  MXL-160E Crawler Anchor Drilling Equipment

                  MXL-160E Crawler Anchor Drilling Equipment

                  Description:  1. This 160E crawler anchor drilling equipment belongs to full hydraulic gyrator type. Its drilling diameter is 100-250mm, and drilling depth 100-180m. The drill machine is a kind of high-efficient diesel drilling machine, mainly applied to urban subway, high-rise buildings, ....

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                  E Series Anchor Drilling Rig

                  E series anchor drilling equipment is of full hydraulic gyrator type. It has good performance, such as compact structure, small volume, light weight, flexible maneuverability, etc. Those characteristics make an access for this multifunctional drill rig to work on the high-slope and scaffold. This anchor drilling equipment is a high-efficient diesel drilling machine. To some extent, it is also called multifunctional drill rig.
                  The output torque of its hydraulic power head is bigger, so its drilling ability is stronger and it can be used in a wide range. The output rotary speed of its power head is stepless variable speed. The drilling equipment can achieve best efficiency by choosing drilling index according to different construction requirements and geological condition.

                  The anchor drilling equipment is mainly applied to railway, highway, water conservancy project and hydroelectric project, as well as the landslide hazards, dangerous rock anchoring engineering, the displacement of rock anchoring engineering, also applied to the construction of deep base hole support and foundation reinforcement engineering hole, blasting engineering hole, tunnel pipe shed supporting hole, etc. This multifuntional drill rig is also applied to urban subway, high-rise buildings, airport, ground source heat pump and other deep foundation pit for anchoring, jet grouting and dewatering.

                  1. This E series anchor drilling equipment adopts variable hydraulic system, imported variable pump and imported proportional valve, so you needn't worry about its credible quality, good performance, long operating life and excellent operation.
                  2. Our company is the first manufacturer of anchor drilling equipment and jet grouting equipment. The products are produced in large quantity, so we have superiority in cost and sales price.

                  E series anchor drilling equipment includes MDL-120E multifunctional drill rig, which introduces American Commins' diesel impetus. The power head is single and can be changed into top-drive type. This rig adopts group design and can be assembled to high-efficient specialized drilling machine to meet customers' requirments.
                  It also includes MDL-160E crawler anchor drilling equipment, which adopts our company's latest group technology. Basing on this, we design a new hydraulic system and combine them together. The key components of the rig introduce products of domestic brands, which are controlled by full hydraulic pressure and designed by instrument to make it easy to operate. The rig's efficiency is highly improved and it meets customers' demands.

                  After-sale Service and Delivery of Anchor Drilling Equipment
                  1. The warranty period is half a year for main engine in addition to easily damaged parts. If caused by quality problem, domestic customers will be provided free service within the guarantee period. The main engine of the anchor drilling equipment enjoys life-long after-sales service, and other service out of guarantee period will charge a service fee stipulated by our company.
                  In the warranty period, abroad customers will be provided free spare parts service. But we will charge service personnel transportation and accommodation fee. The service out of the guarantee period is charged in accordance with the company's foreign standards of service.
                  2. Domestic delivery time of anchor drilling equipment is about ten days. After the advance payment to the account, we arrange products and inform the client when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after receiving your full payment. (Except customized models)
                  Overseas delivery time of our multifunctional drill rig is 45 days. After the advance payment to the account, we place the order to arrange the product. The production cycle is about 45 days, and we will inform the client when the products are ready. Products are shipped within 5 working days after receiving your full payment. (Except customized models)

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