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                  SJL-25 Jet-Grouting Drilling Rig


                  SJL-25 is enhanced type Jet Grouting Drilling Rig developed by Wuxi Anmai on the basis of SJ-20 rilling Rig  
                  Main Characters:
                  1. With its double motor drive, it has stronger torque that can achieve 3500N.m at best.
                  2. It can work on various kind of stratum layer.
                  3. It can reach the best pullout drilling force of 40kN.
                  4. Applicable for wide range of processing: Except for jet-grouting processing, this machine can also be applied in anchoring processing construction.
                  5. Relative accessories: Clients can select different module function in accordance with different construction requirements. You can choose to purchase all relative accessories one time, you can also come back to buy suitable accessories according to the development of the construction situation, such as single, double and triple module, swing jet and fixing jet module, anchoring module.
                  6. Convenient for maintenance and operation: The operation is much more convenient, as we adopt full hydraulic technology and take down some important breakout on key technology link. For example, we add adjustable level module in jet-grouting lifting and anchor drilling.
                  7. Complete set of drilling tools: We develop a large number of jet-grouting drills to meet various demands of our clients in accordance with market demand such as drill of single, double, triple, swing jet and fixing jet.
                  8. Convenient combinations: According to the development of their respective development needs, clients can choose different combinations to get a better cost performance of equipment.
                  9. It is equipped with crawler chassis which is much convenient and fast for construction moving.  

                  Main Technique Specifications:



                  Jet Grouting 

                  Stake diameter(mm)

                  Single 400~600,
                  Double 600~1200,
                  Triple 800~1600

                  Hole depth(m)



                  Hole diameter(mm)


                  Hole depth(m)


                  et Grouting and Anchoring

                  Hole angle(°)


                  Output torque (N.m)


                  Output speed (r/min)


                  Lifting force of power head(kN)


                  Feeding force of power head(kN)


                  Lifting speed (m/min)


                  Plus-pressure speed (m/min)


                  Stroke of power head(mm)


                  Electromotor power (kW)


                  Working Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)


                  Transport Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)




                  Because of the continuous improvement and development of products, structure and technical parameters are likely to be improved without notice.。

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