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                  Why choose us
                  Sales & Service

                  We are a leading company specialized in drilling  and construction machinery manufacturer with an integration of scientific researching, producing and selling, specially led by the R&D and characterized by market demands.
                  Our products are mainly applied in high-speed railway, city subway, tunnel, basement under high-rise building, water conservancy construction, etc. Our products are essential to foundation construction.
                  All those years, we have been devoted into the research of foundation construction equipment. Through researching of multiple construction techniques, we successfully developed MX series anchor drilling rigs, SJ series jet grouting drilling rigs, CWP series crawler pump trucks. Our products win great popularity by their high practicability and high performance price ratio, and take up around 60% market share compared to the same trade in domestic market. Among those products, the MXL series multifunction drilling rigs have become the leading products due to the advantages of multifunction of anchoring and jet grouting.
                  We have always attached great importance to the development of foreign markets. We have export and import right of self-operation, and our products have been sold to Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Iran, UK, Canada, Africa and other areas. 
                  Our CWP series portable pump stations have been brought into the project for bidding by Water Conservancy Department. After three-years trial and improvement, those pump stations have entered into production phase.
                  We have established a longstanding cooperative relationship with many domestic universities and research institutes. It helps us improve our innovation abilities and makes us achieve a respectable position with leading technology.

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